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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 5 - Our Learning

Summer 1



This term we got the take part in some exciting experiments that allowed us to explore the different forces that happen daily, such as friction, air resistance, water resistance and gravity. We created our parachutes that we got to drop from a balcony, we created different boats to understand why they're shaped in a certain way and we even got to use a tricycle to test our own brakes! 



We have been learning about translation this term looking at the transition of shapes (through coordinates and mirroring) and geometry. We got to explore the different properties of shapes and took part in a lot of group work to discuss our arguments of on how we can categorise different shapes.


Outdoor Classroom Day!

We had the exciting opportunity to use our school's brand new fire pit and even had the chance to toast some delicious treats as well. During our experience we discussed fire safety but also why it so useful for us, it was very interesting and the children really enjoyed themselves!



This term is especially important to our school as we celebrated an important event to our Christian faith, Pentecost. We got to take part in a superb Good Friday performance and we discussed the important events surrounding Pentecost throughout our RE lessons.



Spring 2

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Term 2

Good Friday

This term is especially important to our school as we celebrated an important event to our Christian faith, Good Friday. We got to take part in a superb Good Friday performance and we discussed the important events surrounding the lead up to Good Friday and also what happened after throughout our RE lessons.



We got the chance to visit St Peter's this term to take part in super exciting Science lessons - we even got the chance to watch one of our teachers arms set on fire, it was a lot of fun!


We also had a chance to take a quick trip to PowerHouse library and we got to borrow a brand new book. The trip shown us how easy it is to access our local library and how we should definitely make the most of it ourselves!



This term our English unit was focused on Playful Poetry and we did indeed get some amazing poems from our classes! We have also set our homework project as a research task to find a poem that you can love and learn off by heart and will have the chance to perform this in front of your class and explain your choice of poem!



Term 1


This term we have been studying Earth and Outer Space. The children discussed the movement of the planets, Moon and Sun in our Universe. They created paper models to explain this in a visual way, accessible for all children.



We have been looking at different artists this term, such as Van Gogh, and how cool and warm colours are used. We specifically focused on sketching flowers from different angles and using iPads to take pictures to capture more detail in their drawings.



During National Story Telling Week, the classes swapped with Year 2, so that the children from KS1 and UKS2 had a chance to read with one-another. This was a brilliant experience for the children to model good reading skills for their younger peers and we will definitely organise again!


Please see pictures below for some of our great work this half-term.


Spring 1

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Spring 1 10
Spring 1 11

Autumn Term 



We have been studying the work of William Morris. We evaluated some of his designs then created a tile using the theme of 'plants.' We then used printing ink to create a repeated pattern. Here is some of our work. 


Picture 1
Picture 2


Well done to all the cast of Shakespeare's A Twelfth Night. It was a fantastic performance. 

Picture 1



In Science we have been looking at materials and their properties. We did lots of exciting experiments. 

Dear children and parents... WELCOME TO YEAR 5!!

You've now had a chance to meet your new teachers and we can't wait to start our journey together. 

In the meantime, have a restful 6 weeks off. 

Remember to keep checking this class page for regular updates in September. 


Miss Whitehead & Miss Murphy

Reminder: This week is National School Sports Week