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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 4 - Our Learning 2019-20

Home Learning

Daily assignments are set on Google Classroom. 

Our Learning

Spring 1

Learning Challenge Curriculum: Wonderful Water

In this topic we are learning about where our water comes from, the water cycle and what role evaporation and condensation has in the water cycle.  We are also thinking about how we can group materials together, what happens to materials when they are heated or cooled. We are creating a collage of the water cycle using textiles and other materials.


We enjoyed asking a series of ‘yes/no’ questions to try and work out what was in the box. We discovered that it was an ice hand. We explored the ice sculpture and thought about how long it would take to melt.


Water Cycle Workshop
LC: Where does our water come from?

LC: What are the properties of gases?

Year 4 asked whether gas weighs anything. We then carried out an investigation to find out how much gas was contained in various fizzy drinks.

LC: Can we investigate materials as they change state?

We learnt about how when a solid changes to a liquid it is called freezing and when a liquid changes to a solid it is called freezing. We investigated how long different types of chocolate (milk, dark and white) take to melt. We then used the melted chocolate to make delicious rice crispy cakes and thought how long it would take the chock to change back into a solid.


In English we have been writing our own suspense stories which include a hidden threat. We have worked on including personification, rhetorical questions, fronted adverbials and powerful verbs in our writing. We have also been learning about how to ‘show not tell’ a character’s feelings.

Autumn 2

Learning Challenge Curriculum: In the Dark, Dark Night

In science we learnt about electricity. We identified common appliances that use electricity, constructed a simple electrical circuit, named the parts in a simple electrical circuit and recognised that a switch open and closes a circuit. We also investigated which materials would make could conductors and which would make good insulators. In history we learnt about William the Conqueror, the Normans and the Battle of Hastings. We researched facts on who the Normans were, placed key events leading to the Battle of Hastings on a time line and exlored how different historical sources can offer different points of view on the same event. In geography we discovered how to locate the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

As artists we drew a section of the Bayeux Tapestry, focussing upon representing figures and forms in movement, beginning to show facial expressions and body language and drawing simple objects. As designers we designed, planned and created Christmas cards involving an electrical circuit.

LC: Can I make a Christmas card involving an electrical circuit?
LC: Can I create an electrical circuit?
LC: Can a year 4 child replicate parts of the Bayeux Tapestry through drawing?


In English we have been writing non-chronological reports. We wrote our non-chronological reports on a Pokemon of our own creation. We focussed on using generalisers, technical language and the key features (heading, sub-heading, glossary).


In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We learnt how to multiply and divide by 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. We used vocabulary such as 'quotient' in relation to division. We explored how to calculate multiplication equations using the multiplication facts that we know. We also continued to understand the difference between sharing and grouping and the commutative law in multiplication. We solved problems involving multiplication and division.

Armistice Day

Autumn 1


In English we have been writing portal stories, about a character discovering a magical portal and a new world. In these stories Year 4 were expected to use fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and direct speech. 

Here are some of our amazing stories:


In Maths we have been looking at number and place value. In this unit we learnt to count in thousands, count in 25s, compare and arrange numbers within 10 0000, describe number patterns and round numbers.  We have also been learning about addition and subtraction, using the column method with renaming to add and subtract up to 4-digit numbers and learning methods to add and subtract mentally.

Look at some of our wonderful journal work:

Learning Challenge - Irritating Invaders

Year 4 had a great introduction to our new topic, Irritating Invaders. We gathered around the fire, listened to Viking legends and shared flat breads. 


Can a Year 4 child plan a journey to a village?
Can ICT be used effectively in art?
Who were the Vikings?