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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 3 - Our Learning 2022-23

What are we up to in Year 3?


Have a look below to find out what Year 3 are doing in each subject.









In English this half term, we are looking at 'The Heart and the Bottle' by Oliver Jeffers. It is a fantastic picture book about a little girl who is curious about the world around her until something happened... 










We have had some great sessions discussing how the character is thinking and feeling, what happened to the character that changed them and how they overcame difficulty in the story. 


We've generated some excellent vocabulary to do with emotions and looked at what adverbs are and how to use them.







The last few days we have been beginning to write our own stories based on the structure of 'The Heart and the Bottle'.






In maths we have just finished our unit on Place Value. We learnt about using the hundreds column to make 3 digit numbers, how to count in 50s and began to look at our 4 and 8 timestables for when we learn them later on.



We are now moving onto addition and subtraction. We will be looking at practising mental addition and subtraction and being confident using column addition. 




We have been doing loads of amazing reading in Year 3 so far. We have a different theme every week. 



Year 3's R.E. focus is 'Homes'. We have been talking about what makes a happy home and discussing the importance of love and respect. We looked at the example the Holy Family have set for us.

Learning Challenge


Our topic is Marvellous Moss Side! Year 3 have looked at our local area (including some great trips to the park!) and comparing it to Malaga in Spain and experimenting with magnets. Not only that, but we've had a mysterious machine land in our classes. It came with a letter from a ‘Terri the Investigator’ who asked us to fuel the machine with non-magnetic waste. We had to sort through the rubbish with a magnet to find the materials we needed. Finally we got our materials together and fueled the machine. It turned on and told us we had to wait 186 hours for it to charge. I wonder what it will do when it’s fully charged?