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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 3 - Our Learning 2020-21

Summer 2

Sports Week

Year 3 had a great time during Sports Week. We spent the week getting active, for example completing the Daily Mile and enjoying Just Dance workouts in the classroom. Our Sports Day was lots of fun and the children made us proud. They all competed to the best of their ability and showed great sportsmanship. Well done Year 3!

Fabulous Food

To start our new topic, we made some delicious fruit kebabs. We looked at the packaging of the fruit we used and discussed where they had come from.

Summer 1

Learning Challenge - Gardener’s World


Map Symbols and Grid References

Spring 2
Learning Challenge - Ruthless Romans

Pompeii Experience - Volcanoes, earthquakes and Romans!

We joined in with an interactive story using NowPressPlay. We found out lots of interesting information about Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and earthquakes.


Showing the stations of the cross


Station 2:

Station 4 


We created artwork to show how Peter felt.

Spring 1

Have a look at what we did during remote learning in the lockdown.


Learning Challenge - Unearthing the Egyptians



Why was the River Nile important to the Ancient Egyptians?
We learnt about why the Ancient Egyptian civilisation started where it did and why the River Nile was so important for this. Have a look at the poster by Megan to see what was so important about the River Nile.
Drawing a Death Mask
Take a look at some of our best pieces of artwork.
Junk Modelling Instruments 

We were very impressed with the creativity of the children in our DT project making instruments. We had lots of different types including guitars, shakers, clickers, drums. Here are some photos of a few of them:

Egyptian Projects
Take a look at some of the children’s project work, done over the Christmas holidays.
Reading at home
Adventurous Reading
As part of Children’s Mental Health Week and Story Telling week, we had a No Screen Friday challenge of doing some adventurous reading.
Book Reviews

The children have been reading lots of books every week on Bug Club, Get Epic and Oxford Owl. 

Have a look at some of our books reviews to see what we have been reading.

Class Novels

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Express Yourself

We took part in Express Yourself activities throughout the week, including drawing our feelings.

Autumn 2
Learning Challenge - Let’s be an Archaeologist!

Rock Types

We have looked at samples of the three groups of rock (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic). We made observations and used our understanding how each type of rock is formed to explain these.

The rock cycle

Year 3 had a great time recreating the rock cycle using chocolate! We used chocolate to represent the formation of different rock types. We created ‘igneous rocks’ by cooling melted chocolate, ‘sedimentary rocks’ by squashing chocolate shavings together and ‘metamorphic rocks’ by squashing the ‘sedimentary’ chocolate in our hands.

The uses of rocks

We have been looking at the uses of rocks and matches different rocks to their uses based on their properties.


We have had a great start to our new learning challenge topic, with a Now Press Play Experience where we took part in an interactive story about a child from the Stone Age. We had lots of fun and learnt so much about how people’s lived during the Stone Age by spending some time in their shoes. We got to hunt mammoths, light fires, fight off wolves and mine for flint.

What we would like to find out in our new topic.


Non-Chronological reports: Dragons

Take a look at us having fun starting our of writing topic about dragons!


Remembrance Day

We wrote wrote prayers on poppy petals as well as writing and decorate poems for Remembrance Day.


Jesse Tree

We have made decorations with symbols to represent members of Jesus’ family to put on our class Jesse Tree in preparation for advent.

Questions for Isiaiah

We learnt about how Isiaiah prepared people for the coming of Jesus and then did some hot-seating to interview Isiaiah.



Multi-skills Competition with MUFC coach


Autumn 1



In our ‘Homes’ topic we thought about what home and family means to us. We learnt about some of the advice Paul offered in his letters about living together as a family. We also discussed how we can live as holy people and reasons why we should love one another.

How can we follow Paul’s advice to live as holy people?


In ‘Promises’ we have started to learn about Baptism. We are looking at the actions that are used at Baptism. We have also learnt the story of Jesus’ own Baptism.


We have been thinking about why baptism is important. Take a look at these photos of us role playing interview to find out why Catholic parents choose to baptise their babies and how else they can share their love for God with their children.



Adventure Stories

In our first unit we  looked at adventure stories. We read the story ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’ and then used this to develop ideas for our own adventure stories.


We have started out Adventure Stories topic by making some treasure and thinking about what it would be like if we found a box of treasure on the beech. 
We decided that we would probably donate the treasure to charity if we did find any.


In our poetry unit we read two poems by Allan Ahlberg, Please Mrs Butler and Heard In in the Playground. We really enjoyed thinking of actions for these poems and performing them to the rest of the class.

Poetry Performance

Year 3 had a great time rehearsing and performing poems by Allan Ahlberg.

National Poetry Day


This week, we have been reading poetry during guided reading and today we read some fun poems together. Take a look at this video about our favourite poems.

Still image for this video


Place Value

We began by learning about place value. We worked on counting to 1000, counting hundreds, tens and ones, counting in fours and eights and counting in fifties. We also compared and ordered numbers within 1000 and talked about the value of each digit in a 3-digit number.

Addition and Subtraction 

In our  current topic we have been adding numbers with and without renaming. We are now subtracting numbers with and without renaming. We are then going to apply our learning to solve word problems.

Subtracting with renaming

We used dienes cubes and place value discs to help us solve subtraction questions.

Addition and Subtraction Families

We have been getting practical with our maths to find addition and subtraction families.

Learning Challenge Curriculum - Marvellous Moss Side

We began our Marvellous Moss Side unit with science. In science we studied forces and magnets and carried out several exciting experiments. We then moved on to geography. In geography we compared Moss Side with Malaga. We found out about the physical and human features of both these places. Looking at these features, we discussed what the similarities and differences between Malaga and Moss Side are. In art we are using ICT to create a piece of art. We have been using photos of Moss Side to create a collage which represents how we see our community.

Magic Magnets

Over the last few weeks in learning challenge, we have been learning all about magnets. 
We have conducted experiments to test the strength of magnets, investigated which materials are magnets and looked at what happens when magnets are put together.


Class Stories

Every day we read a class story. This half term we have looked at some lovely stories; The Iron Man, The Iron Man and Charlotte’s Web. We will be asking the children to vote for their next class story.

We all love reading!
In preparation for starting back in September all the adults in Year 3 have been reading some of their favourite stories.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Welcome Letter

Dear Year 3, 


You will either be coming into Mrs Davies' or Mrs da Costa's class and we can't wait to see you all. We know you've had a long time off and some of you may be feeling worried or nervous about returning, however, we want to let you know that we will all be returning to our new normal together, so please try not to worry. Year 3 is a big step up from Year 2 and we will be challenging your abilities in all subjects but we also know how to have a good time. 


All we ask that you complete over the Summer are four things: Timestable Rockstar Challenge, Summer Reading Project, Year 3 Summer Learning Challenge Project and Summer Sports Challenge. All of these are down below for you to download, as well as the chance to win some brilliant prizes!


We can't wait to meet you all and get to know you individually and as a class but for now have an amazing summer and get lots of rest, ready to return in September.


Mrs Davies and Mrs da Costa

Welcome to Year 3!