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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 2 Our Learning 2019-20

Google Classroom

Weekly Home Learning Tasks


We are setting weekly tasks for your home learning on Google Classroom from 8th June.
You all have access to your online Google Classroom where you can submit work for your teacher to see.
Access the Google Classroom here:

You can find instructions on how to log in it here: 

COVID 19 - Home Learning

It is incredibly important that your child has structure at home if they are having extended time off, which includes learning. We have created a suggested timetable, which may help your child stay focused and keep on top of their learning at home.


8:00- 9:00- wake up and have breakfast

9:00- Get dressed and washed

9:15- Read a book

9:30 - Break

10:00- English activities 

10:30- Break

11:00- Maths activities

11:30 - Break

12:00- Learning challenge - Topic activities

12:30- 1:30- Lunch 

1:30- Creative time (drawing, colouring, painting, sports, making, cooking, building)


Within each sub-page below, there are a range of resources which can be completed in the exercise books that were previously sent home with your child. There are also a range of free materials available on the internet, as well as our school's own paid subscription websites. Your child has been sent home with a list of all of their usernames and passwords for these websites and we have listed other websites for your to access, if you require further work. 

SEN Support

This page has guidance from the government for supporting SEN homeschooling.

Games and activities to support children’s learning.

Clicker is educational software with many helpful functions such as creating word banks and reading back sentences written. This software has been made free for use at home during the outbreak.

This website has lots of fun games and activities to help children with phonics and the decoding aspects of reading.

Motor Skills Session 3

Home Learning Support

Online Classroom

There is a link below for Oak National Academy that has some daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths, English Science, History, Geography and Spanish.


There is a link below for BBC Bitesize that has some daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths, English Science, History, Geography, Music and Wellbeing.


Additional Home Learning Activities

The popular teaching resource website "Twinkl" has provided FREE access to all their content in the event of school closures. Simply click the picture below and use the given code to gain your free access...

Also "TTS" have created a home learning booklet which is free to download. Again, click the picture below to download your free learning booklet...


Home learning Website list


These websites are all fantastic to keep your children learning during the holidays/ uncertain times! 



Educational Websites: 

This is the really good website. It has a search facility to find activities and has lots of great games for the children to play linked to all areas of learning in Maths and English. It also has great information pages linked to different topics.

Probably the best website on the net for literacy and numeracy. A firm favourite with the children in year one. This website also has games and activities suitable for reception through to year 2.

Some fantastic maths games from the BBC although archived and not updates so might run a bit slow ☹ 

This website has a lot of maths games covering many different areas of the subject from simple addition and subtraction through to reflection and rotational symmetry and many activities suitable for your older child. 

This is an American site but does have some fantastic maths games and activities grouped into topics. This is a wonderful site to help with difficulties in specific areas of mathematical understanding. 

This is a wonderful primary school website which has games and information on a range of subjects.

A great website from the makers of the Biff and Chip books. There are some simple maths games and access to a huge range of ORT books. Very useful. 

This is a fantastic website with some simple literacy activities. The games will need your support to set up and talk through.

This website has links to games and activities from Reception right through to the end of key stage two. There are some really simple literacy and numeracy games which your children will really enjoy.

A collection of resources to support learning in all areas of the curriculum. 

Quite a few ideas for free activities which the children could access at home. Use the ‘Activities’ section to find the best activities for home learning.

BP provides some nice introductory videos for Science, Geography and Design Technology. Some lovely experiment/investigations ideas to do.

TES has put up lots of resources for home schooling, including packs and worksheets for a variety of subjects.

Lots of resources and activities for maths, reading comprehension and grammar.

There are courses and games for learning how to code on this great website. All courses are free of charge and have a really good range of levels. (American but fun!) 



Less Educational - more fun!

A website with stories to read and games to play. You can browse by age level 

A website with activities galore colouring in pages, origami, recipe ideas and doodle books. This website will give you thousands of ideas to keep the children busy.

A collection of delightful activities to print out and make on those tricky rainy days.

Step by step instructions for fantastic origami models including a brilliant section on paper planes. 

Kiddle is a child friendly search engine by google. A great place to find out about particular topics whilst staying safe online. 

National Geographic for kids has some stunning images and interactive games and colouring books.  A lovely site for children to learn more about animals, wildlife and the world around them. 

Fun facts and games about space.

This website has many free resources and information to support you child. Some resources require a subscription. Brilliant printables for long journeys. From motor skills and colouring to spot the different and maths workbooks. 


Ideas for physical exercise at home: 

Fantastic fun yoga stories for children. Will keep them entertained when they need down time!

We have had SUCH FUN with the super movers this term the children love dancing and hardly notice that they are learning at the same time. I challenge to to complete the ‘Position and Direction with the Hip Hop Granny’! 

Music and mindfulness for children. It’s an American website with lots of fabulous dance routines and guided mindfulness sessions. The chicken dance is a particular favourite in Year One!




Sorry but not sure if many of these are available for android. 


Teach your monster to read

A fantastic app which the children really love. It has a mixture of phonics and whole word games aimed at supporting reading. 

Jungle Time. A great app to help your child with telling the time.

A wonderful app to support phonics and word building skills. Fantastic.          

abc pocket phonics

This is a wonderful app based on Letters and Sounds, the phonics teaching programme used throughout many UK schools. I can’t praise this enough.

squeebles multiplication. A great app to help with multiplication. 


These aim to improve your child’s understanding of place value and number bonds. Both are really good games and are suitable for your older children too. The developer ‘motion maths’ have made a number of apps for older mathematicians too.

Percy Parker is a wonderful times tables app for the end of year one onwards. It teaches them their times tables in a really enjoyable way – but the songs will stay in your head!



You might have heard your children talk about the Bee-Bot at school - it's often used in our classrooms to teach children about control programming and directions in maths. This lovely app version is good fun and free!


Reading Raven - recommended to me

An engaging app that teaches children phonics with a step-by step programme, one lesson at a time. We love the clear letter sounds as you click on each letter. It's also engaging with fab illustrations to hold a child's interest as they learn.



Meteor Math - recommended to me

An 'explosive' maths challenge with an arcade game feel - find two numbers to make the answer shown on the planet and watch as they explode! The game gets faster as you go up through the levels and it becomes exciting and challenges children to solve the sums more quickly. A great way of improving speed of mental maths.



Kids books and movies

This is a great app with lots of books. Whilst it is a subscription app you get the first month free. I would recommend using it for the free month and then making your decision. 


twinkl phonics

A wonderful app aimed at improving phonics. This app covers all phases of letters and sounds.


Internet Safety


Always remember to monitor your children when using the internet. Whilst these links are all checked there are some websites which aren’t as lovely.


Some online safely at home activity packs can be found here:


I hope that you have found this list of activities useful. If you find any additional sites which others might enjoy please let me know so that I can continue to support ICT fun at home with regularly updated lists.                                        


Many Thanks,


Autumn 2


This half term we took part in a brand new topic based around food. The prime question we posed to our pupils was "Can children be chefs?" The children had lots of questions and things they wanted to find out and here is a list of key questions which we based our learning around...

- Are some foods special?

- Where does our food come from?

- What food can I eat in Manchester? 

- Cane I make a healthy dish? 

- What food did my grandparents eat? 

- How has food changed over time? 

- Do all fruits and vegetables look the same inside?

As a result, we have used key leanring in Geography, History, DT and Art to produce some wonderful work and learn some amazing things!

DT - Preparing fruit and vegetables

Click this link to view all the pictures from our fantastic visit to the farm...


This half term we have continued to build upon our understanding of the four mathematical operations by introducing multiplication and division of 2, 5 and 10. We looked at different ways of grouping and sharing and also investigated links between multiplication and division. Have a look at some our work here...


We began this half term focusing upon writing Recounts after our visit to Smithills Farm. 

The children have done a fantastic job creating purposeful writing. After our walk to Aldi, they produced some fantastic, independent recounts. 

After this, we also completed our first poetry unit of the year. We used our four senses (smell, touch, sight and hearing) to come up with our very own "Snowglobe" poems. 

An Elf came to visit us and left some Christmas poems for us to explore...


This half term we have focused on the fact that the story of Jesus’ birth is a religious story. We have learnt that Christians prepare to celebrate this event though a special, Christian time of Advent. Have a look at some of the exciting ways we have prepared for Jesus' arrival below...

Autumn 1

Panic on Pudding Lane

Still image for this video
Watch this video to celebrate some of the things we have learnt in our topic this half term...


We began this year learning about warning stories. Our class story was Little Red Riding Hood and we really enjoyed learning the classic tale. Eventually some of the children created their own warning stories and they were fantastic! 

Independent Stories


This half term we have made a great start to Y2 maths. We have investigated place value of 2-digit numbers and we have also started to explore addition and subtraction. We have been using lots of different method to solve problems, including the column method.  

Panic on Pudding Lane

What a great topic to start the new school year! To start the year, we came up with a list of key questions which we wanted to find out and here they are...

- Where is London?

- What did London used to be like?

- How did the fire happen?

- How did it change London?

- How did it start?

- How did it spread?

As a result, we have used key leanring in Geography, History, Science and Art to produce some wonderful work and learn some amazing things!

Making our houses for ‘Panic On Pudding Lane.’

Topic Hook

Children made ‘Thinking Hat’s’ as part of a project called: ‘What’s on Your Mind Manchester.’

Dear children and parents... WELCOME TO YEAR 2!!

You've now had a chance to meet your new teachers and we can't wait to start our journey together. 

In the meantime, have a restful 6 weeks off. 

Remember to keep checking this class page for regular updates in September. 


Mr Cooper & Mrs McKenzie