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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Year 1 Our Learning 2020-21

Summer 2


Musical adventure outside. 
The children composed and performed music based on a local adventure around the school grounds. 



Physical Education 

Athletics training. 


Enjoying the outdoors in our outdoor area. 

Summer 1


Religious Education

During R.E. the children learned the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. They acted out the story and completed some creative activities around the religious signs and symbols linked to Pentecost. We made a beautiful display to show what we have learned. 

The children understand what people do on a Holy day and why they do it. They can also say how it is different from a holiday. 

They can talk with their friends about what they wonder about the Holy Spirit.



In English, the children have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We visited our pond and were lucky enough to find lots of frogspawn, tadpoles and frogs. We researched information for each stage of the life cycle and the children then worked really hard to write their own information texts including lots of the new information they had learned. 


In Science, the children have enjoyed learning about Plants. We planted our own beans and learned how to take care of them to help them to grow. We have learned about wild flowers and found lots of them in our playground. We looked at some beautiful gardens and designed our own gardens, choosing some of our favourite colourful flowers.  


In music, the children have been learning songs about fruit and vegetables that you might find at a farmers market. They have also learned basic rhythmic notation.


The children began working in their Singapore maths books this half term. They have learned how to work out addition and subtraction word problems within 20. They have made their own subtraction and addition stories and represented these in subtraction and addition sentences. They have worked very hard in maths this half term.

Autumn 2 

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and take some time to rest and spend time with family. Thank you for your continued support and hard work this half term. Have a look below to find out what we have been learning about this half term. 


We continue to develop our understanding of our Catholic faith and have learned how Advent is a time of waiting.  We have learned about how Mary had to wait for the birth of Jesus. We were also very lucky to have a zoom call with Father Rob! The children asked him lots of questions. We found out how God sent Angel Gabriel to Mary to tell her that she would have a baby and that he would be the son of God. We have had fun making Advent wreaths and Advent calendars. We have also worked hard practicing our part in the school Nativity which is now on the school website for you to watch. 



This half term we have been learning how to add number up to 20 using a variety of resources including tens frames, number lines and the part part whole model. The children have enjoyed choosing their favourite way to add numbers and they have written number sentences using the addition symbol. 


This half term children have been learning about everyday materials.  They looked at naming materials, understanding properties, and sorting them.  Children took part in experiments to test different objects' properties.  They looked at objects to see if they were bendy or not bendy, opaque, or transparent and they tested to see which material would be best for an umbrella.  Ask your child if they can tell you what different objects around the house are made from.  


The children have had lots of fun working on their D.T. project this half term. They looked at different materials and described them. They then designed an outfit for an elf, choosing appropriate materials and using a variety of skills. Once their fantastic outfits were complete, the children evaluated them and looked at how they could improve them. 


In music, we have been learning about the beat/pulse and rhythms in songs. We have been getting the instruments out and playing the beat and rhythms on them. We learned that the beat in music stays the same but the rhythm changes. The beat/pulse can be fast or slow depending on the song. We have enjoyed learning some Christmas songs too. 


Autumn 1


This half term children have settled in well into their new class and routines.  They have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and being with friends again. Children have learnt lots already and have been particularly interested in learning about our local area and local heroes. Here are some of the things we have been learning about in Autumn term.  

Topic- We are Wonderful


To start off our school year the children have been learning about their wonderful selves.  They drew Self-Portraits of themselves in art and learnt about the artist Picasso and his "mood" and "abstract" portraits. 

In geography, they learnt all about where they live and the different things they can find in their local area. They talked about the weather in Autumn in Manchester and linked this to science. Finally, the children found out about 6 different local heroes from Manchester. They had to decide which one was their favourite local hero and explain why. 


Some of the questions children wanted to find out were-

‘Where do we live?’

’Why do leaves come down?’

’What does local mean?’

’What is a hero?'



In RE children have learnt about families, how all families are different and about how it feels to be part of God’s family.  Children are now learning about ‘Belonging’.  They have discussed different groups they belong to and how they feel being part of a group.  They listened to the story of Jesus and the children, where He welcomes and blesses the children around them into God’s family.  The children have enjoyed learning about our school family, and we have made a class jigsaw to show that we all fit together to complete our school family. 



This half term we had a visit from a special bear who brought us a new story to read. We have enjoyed reading Bumble Bear and helping Norman the bear to find some more honey. We wrote letters to Norman and made lots of lovely pictures for him. We looked at a recount of his day at Bee School and then made our own recount of our school day. Our second topic was traditional tales, where the children learned the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ using a story map.  After that, the children came up with their own characters and villain to create their own story. They have enjoyed making their own story maps and sharing their new stories with the class. 



This half term children have been learning about numbers to 10. They have been writing numbers, counting accurately, counting forwards and backwards, finding one more and less than a number and representing numbers in different ways  The Children have also made a great start ordering and comparing numbers, and using a number line to help them solve number problems. 



In music, we have been learning about the beat/pulse and rhythms in songs.  We’ve learned that the beat in music stays the same but the rhythm changes. The beat/pulse can be fast or slow depending on the song. We used body percussion and chants in our lessons and composed a rap inspired by a local artist "Mr Scruff". 



Physical Education


In indoor P.E we based our lesson on the story "Lost and found" by Oliver Jeffers. 

We practised our hopping, jumping, skipping, throwing underarm and catching skills. 

In outdoor P.E we did Athletics. The children loved P.E and can't wait to start our new topics. 

Hello year 1. 


We have set you some fun activities for you to do in the summer holidays. Our first topic that we will be doing is called 'We are wonderful' we have attached a summer project that you can have fun completing with your family. You can choose which task you would like to do or you can do them all. It's totally up to you! Please make sure that you upload some pictures so we can see all the fantastic things that you have been up to in the holidays and then we can share these with the rest of the class in September.


There is also a fun summer sports challenge attached that you can complete.
We have also attached a transition document to read through to help your child transition from reception to year 1. 

Have a great Summer and we will see you in September!  😀


See you soon
Mrs. Edwards and Miss Guinan

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