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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

WK 22.06.20

All of these tasks are also set on Google Classroom.
Remember to submit your work on Google Classroom by Thursday so that your teacher can see it. 

Get in touch if you need any support with your work or help with Google Classroom.


 We hope that you enjoy completing the tasks and we look forward to seeing your hard work! 

This week is also our school's sports week! Have a go at these activities throughout the week to join it.


Monday - Superhero Problem


Remember your superhero from last week? 


Today we have a problem for them! A child is stuck up a tree in the park. 


How will your superhero  save the the child. Think about how they could use their powers?  Will they do alone alone or will they work with a super-friend or super-pet?


Draw a picture of your superhero rescuing the child. Add labels to explain how they save the child.

Tuesday - Plan a story


Plan a story where your superhero rescues a child from a tree. 

You have already thought about how they will save the child yesterday.


Use the planning template to plan the different sections of the story. You can do this by drawing pictures or by writing down your ideas.

Remember to include lots of details so writing your story is easier. 

Wednesday - Write a story


Use the plan you made yesterday to write your superhero story.



Thursday - Reading Comprehension

Friday- Spelling Practice


At the beginning of each lesson you need to first watch the video which you can find in the assignment section. Then come to this slide to find the correct worksheets for that lesson. Make sure you read what you need to do carefully on each sheet.


This week you will be getting a lot of practise with drawing shapes. Make sure you use a rule and a pencil and answer your questions in your exercise books. I can’t wait to see your fantastic work!






  1. Watch the video to get an introduction to life cycles

  2. Look at these pictures of baby animals. What type of animals are they? Do you know the special name for these baby animals?

3.  Look at these pictures are animal parents looking after their babies. What do these parent animals need to do to look after their babies?


Watch the video to learn more about animal life cycles:


Draw an animal as a baby and the same animal as an adult. Write down the differences between them and how the baby changes as it turns into an adult.  


EXTRA CHALLENGE: Draw a diagram of the life cycle of your animal showing all the stages in its life.



Below are the different stages of a human’s life. For each stage draw a picture and write a description..

Think about the members of your family and which stage of life they are in to help you. You can also use the powerpoint on Google Classroom for information.


Baby       Toddler         Child            Teenager         Adult           Elderly




Think about these questions and write down the answers:

  • Which words do you like best and why?
  • Which things are hardest and why?
  • What does St Paul say is important?
  • How do you think you feel when you are at peace and when the love of Jesus fills your mind?


Draw a person and add labels with the most important words/attributes showing how they follow God’s rule.




Watch the video below and think about the answers to these questions:


Can you change your mindset?


What is a fixed mindset? 


What is a growth mindset?


In your exercise book give an example when you have had a fixed mindset. How could you have changed your mind to have a growth mindset? 

Draw a picture to show what happened. Don’t forget to add in speech bubbles and feelings.

How to develop a positive mindset | Growth Mindset | BBC Teach

Meesha and Lucas are in a maths lesson. Meesha is happy to take on the challenges set by the teacher, but Lucas is more reluctant. Meesha has a growth mindse...


Activity 1:


Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures.


Watch video with your child and then ask these questions to talk about the cartoon. 


 How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures? 

What made Mo feel sad? 

 How did the friends get help when they needed it? 

What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help? 


Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along!



Activity 2:


Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character singing the funny tummy song.  Ask them to include their favourite lyrics from the song on their drawing.