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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

WK 15.06.20

All of these tasks are also set on Google Classroom.
Remember to submit your work on Google Classroom by Thursday so that your teacher can see it. 

Get in touch if you need any support with your work or help with Google Classroom.


 We hope that you enjoy completing the tasks and we look forward to seeing your hard work! 


Monday - Read and respond


Read the story ‘Playground Rescue’ or you can choose to listen to the story while you follow the text on the link below


Answer the questions:

     - what do you like about the story?

     - what don’t you like about the story?

     - who is your favourite character in the story?


Tuesday - Comprehension Questions


Answer the comprehension questions about Playground Rescue.


Remember to look back at the text to answer the questions.

Wednesday - Vocabulary


Read each sentence and think about what the word in bold might mean.


Match the words to their definitions.


Extra challenge: Pick 3 of the words. For each one write a sentence of your own, using the word.

Thursday - Create your own superhero


Today you are going to create your own superhero and draw them. You could imagine that this is yourself as a superhero if you like.

Friday- Spelling Practice



At the beginning of each lesson you need to first watch the video. Then go to the next slide for the worksheet for that lesson.

Topic: How can we become athletes?

Jason Kenny Fact File


We would like you to create a fact file about Jason Kenny, based on what you have learnt last week.


The idea is that when the Y1 children return to school they can use your fact files to find out about Jason Kenny!


You need to complete the sections of the fact file with relevant pictures and information:

  • Basic information - date of birth, name, where he was born, what his sport is.

  • Achievements - what medals has he won? What events has he completed in? Why is he so famous?

  • Childhood- where did he live? What did he enjoy doing? When did he first start cycling?

  • Personal life - Who did he marry? Does he have children? Does he have pets?

  • Where in the world? - Which different places has Jason Kenny won medals and completed in. Think about cities, countries and continents.


On Google Classroom we have set up a Google Slides for each of you with a slide for each section of the fact file


You can add writing and images to each of the pages. Use all of your IT skills to make it interesting for the Y1 children who will be looking at them.


You can  complete this work over the week.

A suggestion for splitting up the work is:

Monday - Basic information, Achievements

Tuesday - Childhood, Personal Life

Wednesday - Where in the world, finishing touches


You can find the research material on Jason Kenny on last week's work:





You can answer questions in your exercise book.

  • What new rules did Robin learn?

  • Why were they important?

  • What do you think of David?

  • What made Robin happy?

  • What would have happened if Robin had not followed the rules when he played with the others?

  • Are there good and bad rules, give examples? (e.g. it might be rules made up by one person who is being bossy about their game.)




Growth Mindset 


How can your mindset help you to approach the things that you find challenging?

How your mindset can affect your approach to challenges | Growth Mindset | BBC Teach

A school talent show is in the offing. Tom and Meesha are both going to enter. Tom has a growth mindset, while Meesha has a fixed mindset. Tom wants to chall...



Daily Worship