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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’

Topic Activities


Rainbow Project

Rainbows are being used to show positivity, thanks and hope at this time. Why not do a project about them by picking some of the activities included below?

Watch this video of a rainbow science experiment:

Think about what you have seen happen.  How do you think it works?


Learn some sign language with this video of ‘sing a rainbow’: 

Topic Homework Grid (Y2)


Science, Engineering & Computing

Barefoot computing have created a home learning page with games, missions for pupils to complete, lesson plans and worksheets with steps.


Click here to access Dr Chip’s Daily Dose of Science, Engineering & Computing activities to try at home.

There are courses and games for learning how to code on this great website. All courses are free of charge and have a really good range of levels. (American but fun!)

VE Day - Friday 8th May

History Project in celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE day.


Take a look at the presentation and watch the video clip to find out what VE day is all about and then choose some of the other activities to have a go at.

There are lots of activities which cover some other curriculum areas so why not make a project of it this week?


We have also set an activity for you to do on Google Classroom


Make sure you have excepted my invitation:


  • Go to Log on using your google email  (it is the same email you use when you log onto chromebooks).


  • Click on google classroom and complete the assignment set
  • Don't forget to press 'submit' once you have finished, then your teachers can see it


VE Day - explained for children.

Author Andrew Powell-Thomas explains why VE Day is important.


Join in with some singing assemblies or have a go at the music challenges on the videos here



Keyhole Pictures:

Draw a keyhole, inside draw what you might see if you looked through it. Use your imagination. It can be somewhere magical, beautiful, scary etc

Observational Drawing:


Collect a seclection of plants, twigs, leaves and any other natural objects from outside, then arrange them on a table. Have a look at these natural objects carefully. What shape is it? How does it feel? What colour is it? What is the texture like? Think about where you can see the light or shadows on these objects. Don't forget to use the skills that you have learnt in other topics: Textures, shading and shape.

Land Art


Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who makes sculptures from natural materials like rock, sticks and leaves.

Can you be an artist like Goldsworthy and create a piece of artwork using natural materials?

Practise your drawing skills using repeated pattern, lines, texture, tone and shape.