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Religious Education at Divine Mercy

Religious Education at The Divine Mercy is led by our Headteacher, Dr. Campbell, a published artist, writer and contributor on Catholic Social Teaching and our Deputy Headteacher, Mr. McLoughlin, a Senior Leader within Catholic Education. Both are Eucharistic Ministers for Salford Diocese.

The sacrament of Mass is celebrated weekly at Divine Mercy, where parents & carers are welcomed alongside altar servers and the Gospel Choir, ‘Divine Voices’.

The children at Divine Mercy have the opportunity to explore their faith through daily teaching of Religious Education, assemblies based on liturgy, hymns and celebration. In addition, there is an invitation to prayer through meditation, prayer stations and an indoor chapel.

At The Divine Mercy RC every child and adult is offered the sense of belonging. They are given many opportunities to grow towards the person God wishes then to be. The school gives many opportunities for parents to accompany their children on their journey of faith.

Spirituality, including the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation lie at the heart of our authentic Catholic community. Mindfulness and meditation further supports the spiritual journey of children and adults.

The school successfully uses the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning to open up and explore the big questions of life. Children are nurtured and supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. In times of vulnerability they receive outstanding pastoral care. Child protection procedures are clear, known and effective.

The children are given many opportunities for outreach and generosity of spirit towards each other and those less fortunate locally, nationally and internationally.

Catholic leadership is strong across the governing body and internal leadership. Curriculum Religious Education is very well led and managed. Staff are proud to be beacons of faith to children. Significant resources are given to the development of the Catholic life of the school and Religious Education.

Listening to the Word of God, singing the Word of God, sharing and experiencing Catholic traditions, pupil chaplaincy and developing Caritas in action are key experiences across the school.

As a result of the above, by the time they leave:

  • children have a sense of God as real;
  • a sense of love and responsibility for their neighbour;
  • a desire to be part of and worship within a catholic community;
  • and, to be a witness to Christ and his Church.