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Our Beatitudes, Mission Statement & School Values

Jesus gave us the “Beatitudes” to help us all understand how to live our lives to become better people. This video explains more about the Beatitudes.

We have chosen our own school Beatitudes to help all our school community to become better people. Our Beatitudes have their own symbols and are based around “the hand” and specific colours to help everyone remember them easily. In our school hall we display evidence of how we live out our school Beatitudes. Our Beatitudes are also a practical example of how we follow our CARITAS teaching.

The Divine Mercy RC Primary School Beatitudes.

Blessed are those who…
Love and respect ourselves, each other and God’s world.
Help others through charity.
Campaign for what is right.
Listen to God to follow their vocation.
Are missionaries to support the global church and our bishop locally.

Our School Values – we have used our first school beatitude as the basis for how we want everyone to be at our school. Our School Values are displayed throughout our school.

The Divine Mercy RC Primary School Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement was written in collaboration with all the school community; Children, Staff, Parents & Carers and Governors. Our message is simple, to love, welcome and include everyone in society just as Jesus did.

Jesus, I Trust in You

The Divine Mercy RC Primary School reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

We love, value and nurture everyone in our school family. 

With Jesus in our hearts, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community with love.