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The Divine Mercy

Roman Catholic Primary School

‘with Jesus in our hearts and the Children at the centre, we welcome and reach out to our diverse community in the Christian Spirit’


The Divine Mercy RC Primary School - History Curriculum Intent

“The one who concentrates his mind and his meditation on the lay of the most high, he researches into the Wisdom of all the Ancients. (Sirach 39:1)

At The Divine Mercy we reflect the National Curriculum aims to:

  • Develop within children the understanding of Britain’s past in a coherent way, along with that of the wider world
  • Develop critical thinking, inquisitive questioning and uses of various forms of sources to weigh up evidence and interpret meaning
  • History helps children understand how the cultural diversity of Britain and the world today has been shaped by the past
  • Our children are developed to be aspirational, ambitious and have a transformative effect on society

In tIn this subject:

At The Divine Mercy, children learn about the events of the past and what causes and changes have come from this.  They will look upon the complexity of History and disseminate information accurately and critically, thus developing their aspirations and creating confident, resilient learners who will have a transformative affect on society moving forward.  High quality texts in History, as well as the development of abstract language, enhances the vocabulary of children in our school to enable them to communicate more fully with their peers and the wider community.  History provides memorable moments for children, to develop their cultural capital and develop transferable skills that are created through their interconnected understanding of the world through various mediums, (drama, art, D&T, geography, English etc.)  The children have many opportunities to develop understanding of the moral, social and cultural aspects of history which in turn develops their understanding of causation, change and impact.


At The Divine Mercy, children develop critical thinking and independence through topics in school, encouraging them to be more self-aware of events that are happening today, and look at what we can learn from the past.  This, in turn, helps our children to develop their understanding of the world and become advocates for greater social justice.  Children develop their understanding of why they are learning about History, and its connection to other subjects and their lives beyond school so that they can appreciate its place in the world and take pride in learning about who came before them, who may help develop them into transformative figures for the future.  Through learning about the world’s historical events, its changes and the impact it had on the people that lived in that time, children are able to see how the world has been shaped by the past and how their own lives have been enhanced by learning form the history of yesterday, developing in children a respect for others and a humbleness at their place in this world.


Jesus I Trust in You