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GIFT Chaplaincy Team

Our GIFT Chaplaincy Team comprises 2 children from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. The GIFT Chaplaincy Team provides support for our teachers and children, by helping to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.

GIFT Chaplaincy Team members assist with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school by supporting assemblies, leading daily class prayer times plus prayer and liturgy. The GIFT Chaplaincy Team generates ideas of ways in which our school can support local, national and international charities, such as Caritas in the Diocese of Salford, and CAFOD. They also support gathering evidence to promote our Divine Mercy School Beatitudes.

Children live by our core values, which are witnessed by staff and children throughout the school day. Our faith and our understanding of the core values impacts on how we treat one another. We often ask the question “What Would Jesus Do?” as it is important that everyone bears witness to the Gospel Values, and how they live them out in their daily lives. We are a Christ-centred school where Jesus is at the heart of all we do. In our daily life at school we ensure that the children meet God every day.

When we witness the Gospel Values being lived out, we give praise and children are rewarded for being good role models for others. We encourage our children to witness the Gospel Values themselves, and give their own praise to their peers. Praise is given through our House Points.

We bear witness to the word of God in action in our daily lives, valuing Sacred Scriptures, and using this to guide our relationship with each other and behaviour towards others. Our Behaviour Policy is known and followed by all staff, who lead by example, model good behaviour, and reward children who are behaving well. Our GIFT Team Chaplains and Mini Vinnies also provide an inspiration to children in our school through their loving and respectful behaviour to others.

Occasionally, when children follow the wrong path, they are given time for personal reflection and all involved are encouraged to forgive and be reconciled. This is reinforced in our school morning offering prayer, where we celebrate every new day as a fresh opportunity to grow closer to Jesus.

Our Governors regularly visit school to talk to our children and to take part in lessons and activities such as listening to children read. The Governors actively seek to recruit staff who are confident in their faith, and who engage in all faith activities. Our children see Jesus in the hearts of their teachers and Governors dedicated to teaching our children about God. The staff have a loving manner and we all work to ensure our children feel loved and secure.  We actively promote the British values of Individual Liberty, Democracy, The Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs.

As a school, we help our children to understand the need for helping each other, and people in the wider community through our charity work. We raise money for charities such as Cornerstone, Caritas and CAFOD. However, we are also keen to ensure that our children understand that we can support other people’s emotional and spiritual needs by giving something of ourselves, and being living witnesses to Jesus through our school core values.

We have many prayer areas and special places around our school, including a prayer area in every classroom. These areas contain crucifixes, prayers and displays which encourage the children to engage and reflect on their faith. We have a special indoor chapel where acts of worship take place. There are also symbols and reminders of our faith placed around the school grounds to encourage independent prayer and reflection.