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British Values

At the Divine Mercy RCPS we value the whole child and understand that they need to be educated in ways that support and nurture the whole person. They need to understand who they are, what their purpose in life is and where they are going. Through our teaching we support and encourage British values and SMSC. This is implicit in our everyday practice. Here are some ways the school teaches and encourages British Values.

  • Democracy plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    We encourage Democracy through our school council, Chaplaincy team and Eco team. They are elected individuals from Key Stage 2 and meet fortnightly. We develop skills in democracy by having pupil voice, debates in class and having sports leaders throughout the school.

  • The Rule of Law plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Class rules are developed with each new class. The behaviour policy and ‘Home school Agreement’ is shared with pupils and parents at the beginning of each year, which is signed and logged in school. Rules set aside by the church are included in the curriculum such as the Ten Commandments (displayed in the main hall).

  • Individual Liberty plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Children are encouraged to be reflective, independent learners. In lessons they are encouraged to take responsibility for the choices that they make and respond to advice in a positive manner. (Self assessment, teacher marking)

  • Mutual Respect plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Our Mission statement is inclusive and talks about ‘our diverse community’ that they are ‘welcomed’ and ‘encouraged to reach their full potential.’ Positive, learning behaviour of the children is paramount in the school. Children are encouraged to work together, talk together and share ideas together. Everyone has a valid opinion as the mission statement says ‘everyone is valued and nurtured.’ (Evident in lesson observations)
    As a school, we do not accept bullying and each year promote Anti bullying week and have a clear policy on this.
    Weekly collective prayer and worships in KS2 promote PHSE and British Values through the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ and teach the children ways to be well rounded human being. We promote this everyday implicitly in our teaching, not through specific schemes or explicit lessons. (collective worship provision map)
    As part of our RE curriculum, we include Caritas in Action which develop children’s understanding of community and the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Caritas teaches the children how they can positively impact on their local community, whilst in some cases the children will visit the local care homes to learn with/ from the local residents and share in celebrations e.g. choir singing at Christmas or Minnie Vinnies. We believe that these opportunities help the children understand and respect the community around them.

  • Tolerance of Other Faiths and beliefs plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Children are taught about the Catholic faith and encouraged to have a deep understanding of their own faith as well as respecting and valuing the traditions and faiths of other religions within our school and wider community. (RE curriculum)